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An emerging encaustic artist from Minnesota, Kim has been painting in this medium since 2018. Initially drawn to encaustics as a way to enhance and create something unique with her photographs, she quickly became enthralled with the unlimited potential of encaustic to create beautiful works of art that are unlike anything else.

The translucency of the wax lends depth to encaustic paintings and incorporating mixed media in the form of oils, pan pastels, alcohol inks, dry  pigments, and shellac provides hours of fun in the studio.  Another perk of encaustic that Kim finds empowering is getting to wield a blow torch.  What's not to love about that?


Prior to becoming an encaustic artist, Kim enjoyed a career as a chemistry instructor.  She likes to think that her years of synthesizing compounds in the lab and creating innovative curriculum has some crossover into the "alchemy" that is encaustic art.


When not painting, Kim can be found spending time with her family, biking, hiking, reading, playing bridge, or curling.  She lives in Minnesota after all, where everyone is strongly encouraged to participate in a frozen water sport.


Please contact Kim if you have any questions about her process or want to inquire about a possible commission.  


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